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The Purpose of Supervision is

To Deepen Self-Knowledge


About Us

Sherika Elliott, LCSW is state-licensed in M.D., D.C., and N.C. and also a Certified Clinical Social Work Supervisor in MD. She is also Certified as a Tele-Mental Health provider credentialed by Evergreen Certification via PESI training.


She is proactive, patient, and positive when providing therapeutic services to individuals, families, and groups. Sherika's ability to establish a rapport and listens to the voice of those she serve helps to improve their functioning as they battle symptoms of depression, anxiety, bereavement, suicide, and an array of other adjustments life may cause.


Sherika has worked in various settings such as Department of Social Services, Prince George's Health Department, School-Based Wellness Centers, private agencies, and currently Walter Reed Military National Medical Center as a medical social worker.  


 In Sherika's spare time, she enjoys walking her two Pitbulls, practicing meditation, and learning calligraphy. She is ecstatic about witnessing the next generation of social workers create positive social change through case consultation, individual and group supervision, and licensure preparation. 

Hope.Happy.Heal. LLC. is a consulting services that was created to help social workers along their licensure journey and provide tele-mental health services for the community. She has, is, and still works as a frontline social worker; what sets her apart is her consistent passion and transparency in sharing the wealth of knowledge that she has learned over her career. 


​                        "Forever a Student"

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Supervision Process


Clinical supervision thrives on the genuine connection between both parties to ensure the supervises is able to reflect on their prejudices and bias that may widen the gap to their knowledge that may impact their quality of social work practice.


Clinical Supervision is concerned with teaching the knowledge, skills, and attitude to sustain ethical standards in the practice of social work. 

Licensure Preparation 

The main purpose of supervision is to educate a supervisee about their clinical skills and applying effective treatment modalities, but what about preparation for the national licensure exam with ASWB?

Licensure preparation is designed to discuss and review questions frequently seen on licensure exams coupled with their experiential lessons from employment, undergraduate and graduate social work  coursework. In the sessions, a full overview with tips and strategies  


Recently graduated with your BSW  or behavioral health related degree?

Interested in learning how to earn 4,500 hours of supervision with a minimum of 150 hours face to face (teleconference) supervision?



Fayetteville State University 

2013- MSW 

NPI: 1851714778

Certified Clinical Telemental Health Provider: 120184

Maryland Board of Social Work Examiners: 22159

District of Columbia Board of Social Work: LC50081290

North Carolina licensure Board of Social Work: C009912

Case Consultation

Consultation is a problem-solving process in which advice and knowledge as well as reflection on the social worker's practices offered by someone possessing specialized expertise. 


Hope.Happy. Heal. is the bridge between a social worker and their opportunities to discuss difficult cases that may pose a block in understanding or exploring other ways of perceiving and resolving  issues.

Ready to Move Forward?

Have you recently graduated, plan to begin the journey of obtaining your licensure or your agency-based supervisor is not a state-approved licensed supervisor? 

Well let's get started...

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